Terrell’s birthday

August 13, 2011

This is really the first Saturday that we have earned because we worked 2 days! What a week it has been. Firstly organizing classes, getting rooms set up, and meeting kids for the first time. My PK class was amazingly bad. I had 2 other adults in the room, and kids squirming all over them some of them weeping. But we got through ‘A tisket a tasket’ so it’s a start. Fourth graders on the other hand were little angels; incredibly sweet. Nice, this honeymoon period!

And socially, a big week. Terrell had a birthday on Wednesday and became a year younger. We celebrated with new friends; just wonderful!!

Nothing could be finer

Maturity is too a high a price for Old Age!

Birthday celebrations

‘Friday night drinks’ was laid on by the school at a lovely place just up the road, called the Blueberry Farm (or something like that) It’s been hot and very steamy weather, so the beers went down a treat. Today the whole place has been shrouded in mist; there must be 100% humidity. And afterwards a group of us headed further up the mountain to a Chinese restaurant and had an absolute feast/banquet for less than $9 each. The food was fantastic, definitely a place to return to.

So today it’s Saturday and most folks have taken the school bus and gone to Dalian to buy more supplies. We decided to venture out on our own and found a little local street with local shops….at local prices! Nice. We also both had a hair cut for the big outlay of $2.50 each, including shampoo and head massage. Terrell looks decidedly Asian.

We are having a ball.



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  1. Shelli says:

    It seems that your good “luck” in all these travels has more to do with the kind of people you & Terrell are than actual luck. Wherever you go, there YOU are, and you are both such kind, compassionate, intellectual & curious individuals that everyone receives you openly. You have landed in a really nice place & I hope your school year goes well. Also, I’m looking forward to more pics! Peace & love to you both 🙂

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