Campus Village lobby

Dalian day 1

Arriving at Dalian airport at 2am and being met by your future boss, whom you haven’t actually met yet (at least not in the flesh), is a little daunting.

After spending a very pleasant evening drinking beer with Sacha, we stayed one night in Melbourne and then headed for China on Friday July 29th. We didn’t think we would make the connection in Shanghai as we left a bit late, but the next flight on to Dalian was delayed for 2 ½ hours…..should I say naturally?

Kurt and James were the heroes of the night, picking us up in Dalian, carrying our luggage and making us feel really welcome, despite the hour and our trepidation. After over an hour of driving through the mist along highways unknown we arrived at the ‘5 star resort’ that is to be our home for the next years! I kid you not. It is beautiful!

Dalian International School

Our kitchen








School entrance
















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  1. ian says:

    Hey Nards,
    A great read – ya gotta love the Chinese approach to hospitality AND they’re admiration, respect, and ‘regal’ treatment of teachers.



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